"If I had not taken this class, I would not be where I am now in my relationships with people and in my faith. I have been able to forgive and relinquish relationships and situations fully to God and now I am in the process of beginning to trust and rebuild those relationships again. Identity taught me to look deeper into situations, find the root cause, pull it out, and deal with it. While this causes pain in the beginning, there is so much joy on the other side of it."

Julia W.

College Student

"Identity helped me move on with my life. For awhile I was consumed with anger, frustration, and hate. Once I took this class I was slowly able to let go of my anger and hand it over to God. I learned the power of relinquishment, to let go of things that had been hurting me for so long and to give them to God, to trust in him. Identity helped me forgive someone I did not think I would ever be able to forgive, someone who had so much control over my emotions. I decided not to let the situation affect me anymore, and since then I've gained so much freedom! This is something I did not think I'd ever be able to do and I believe this class is the only way I was able to. It let me finally move on and put the incident in the past and for that I am truly grateful."

Danielle D.

High School Senior

"I have been very pleased with the program and the positive changes I have seen in my girls.  My youngest was way more resistant to the class but ultimately has cited different teachings that took me by surprise.  My eldest was more open to the class but was actually more quiet about what she had learned.  Recently she was dealing with some personal issues with a breakup and said she feels that God is working his miracle on her and she will get through it. This was a major epiphany that brought tears to my eyes.  I can’t thank Stella enough for what she has done by working with my girls. I am so glad that I got them involved in the Identity class." 
"I was absolutely thrilled when both of my high school students told me they wanted to take Identity! There are so many things that I struggle with, to this day, and I don’t want that for my children. Identity gave them a different perspective and a deeper appreciation for the life they live. Learning who they are and how much they are loved, in Christ, is the best thing that could ever happen to their present or their future. My favorite part was how it opened up the lines of communication, even more! We talk about everything, but Identity took it to deeper levels and I loved getting to hear their hearts."

Dr. Kirby K.


Cherylynn B.


"One of the things that makes Stella such an impactful mentor & teacher is her ability to quilt together personal stories with insightful wisdom. Through her teaching style, she is able to communicate various topics and principles to a variety of young people. It is difficult to find a person or group of people who don't connect with what Stella has to share. Her heart and passion to empower others comes through in the way she interacts with people and guides them to a deeper understanding of who they are created to be."

Season Tingler,

High School & Young Adult Pastor
Vineyard Chruch Kansas City North

"I have had the honor to serve alongside Stella for the last five years, mentoring high schoolers. Stella is an engaging speaker and knows how to connect with not only teenagers, but adults as well.  She is a very perceptive, wise, and might I add quite funny woman.  Her transparency in her own life allows her to speak into other's with grace and build strong trusting relationships.  Stella's trademark is her endearing nickname, "boo boos,” for our high school students.  I believe this goes a long way to describe how personal she is when she encourages, loves, and coaches students and the huge heart she brings by investing in their various seasons of life." 

Jen M.

High School Youth Leader