Free 30 minute Consultation 
For 30 minutes you and I will explore your needs and where you are in your current season of life. I get to know you. You get to know me. And then if it feels like a good fit we move forward. 
Three 1 hour sessions
Sometimes we just need to chat a few times with someone to give us a good direction in moving forward. In this mini we expore 1-2 ways in which you get stuck playing your past over and over in your mind. And I give you truth and some practical ways to get unstuck.
Five 1.5 hour sessions
When my best friend and I are going through some things we call one another up and say, "let's ice cream about this" and we get in the car, go to the nearest ice cream shop and TALK.IT.OUT. Sometimes an emotional time out is what we need to really reset a season of our life. You and I will explore the past, what keeps you stuck, and structure a blueprint to get you unstuck.
Six 2 hour sessions
One day we're living our life the way we thought then the next it's completely different. We know it in our heads but our hearts have a very hard time catching up and so we play scenarios over and over in our head. Let's get some relief, sister! You and I will work together to clear your mind, spirit, and pallete. A healthy dose of truth, rewiring, and love will help you navigate your new normal.