Dear Parents...

Students who have struggled with anxiety and depression have seen improvements after taking the Identity class

Students who have struggled with thoughts of suicide have seen much improvement and think differently of themselves after completing Identity

Students who have struggled with body issues have come away with a new sense of identity and well being

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Identity Class...
Once upon a time, they needed you and now they don't.
Well, they say they don't. They still do. They grow up fast. But if
you're anything like me raising teens in a social media society can
be a bit of a head scratcher at the least and at most be downright
dangerous to their health and well being.

I've been leading teens since 2013 and the thing I see the most is
their longing for a sense of community and questioning who they
are. I'd venture to say every one of us has felt that way but in the
age of the internet one's sense of value and worth can be distorted
by what is seen on the screen or heard by their friends.

I wrote a course called Identity. It's actually more like a small group
where students can explore who they are and be in a community
with one another. For 10 weeks, Identity will unpack with your
student who God is, the pressures of society, rejection, self-worth,
perfectionism, inappropriate authorities, shame, false belief
systems, forgiveness, and handing over their pain so they won't
have to carry it anymore. 

The foundation of this class is God but you nor your student has
to believe or be a Christian. No one will make them either. That is
not my style.  However, I'm sure we can agree that there isn't much by way of schools these days that talks about emotional well being for students who are struggling or searching for healthy life skills. That's where Identity comes in.

I want to partner with you and your student through this next season of life. I've seen a lot and helped many students heal over the years. My heart is to encourage teenagers to be themselves and to live their most authentic life. Together I think these next 10 weeks can be transformative.