Find a good community of people who will speak life into you, get rid of those who are toxic...they'll always bring you down, spend time with your family, and enjoy what life gives you day by day. You are not getting left behind. All will come in due time. I promise.

Dear High Schooler

Written By Stella Pigago 6/14/18
So much of my high school career was spent partying and wanting to be loved.
I was loud, wild, and care-free. But deep down I struggled with knowing who I was. I kept trying to find my worth and value in other people and what they thought. TV shows, movies, magazines...they all had a say in how I was "supposed to look" and who I was "supposed to be."  I spent a better part of half my life chasing what I thought was good never realizing I was already good because God said so. 
If you would've told me I'd be hanging out with God telling people about him I would've laughed in your face. To me God was rules and discipline. I didn't want any part of that. I wanted to be free. But what I didn't realize is that seeking other people's validation didn't make me free at all. I was bound up...a slave to their opinions. If they loved me I felt alive. If they didn't I felt dead inside. I gave so much power away based on other people's feelings. So much wasted time.

I didn't know who I was until just a few years ago. Decades went by where I had no freaking clue. I tried figuring it out...believe me. I read books. I watched movies. I observed others. Nothing clicked. One day I decided to sign up for an inner healing class at my church. I thought, "what the heck!. I've got nothing to lose."

What I learned is that my value and worth has nothing to do with how other people perceive me. It has nothing to do with whether or not I'm successful or not. And it has nothing to do with how good or bad I've been in my past. It has to do with how God loves me and that he made me to love Him back. He has plans and a purpose for me and his memory is pretty amazing. He never forgets about any of us or what he's created inside.

I wrote this course for you because you have a purpose. You were thought of long ago and God absolutely did not forget about you. I promise. The things you are going through can be explained. The evil you've felt, the hurts, the confusion, the loss, how the heck can anyone live a healthy lifestyle can all be explained. I wrote this because you're at a place in your life where you are becoming an adult and you're about to embark on your next journey. This is nothing to be afraid of. You and I will do this together. And when we're done you'll have some good tools and wisdom under your belt. 

Talk to your parents. Take this course. I've taught dozens of students over the years and there is real freedom to be had. You can do this. I believe in you.