should I take Identity?

I think most of us don't take time out for reflection and processing. Our culture celebrates movement and can sometimes vilifiy taking a break. Self-care and introspection are essential to a healthy existence. We desire a life of excellence but it starts with grace and understanding...and then builds from there.
My prayer and hope for you is you find what you're searching for and that it will empower and encourage you in life. I know Identity can be that for you. I've seen it many times over. But my heart is never to do the "hard sell" thing and tell you this is the magic solution. That's not my style. Timing and willingness are key. You have to be ready.

You and I might not know each other but you, my friend, are important to me because we need you and the unique spirit you bring to this world...

Photo: Taken in Paris, France Summer 2017 at Jardin du Luxembourg at Medici Fountain. I was celebrating my own time of self reflection and growth. 

Frequently asked Questions

  1. 1
    Will Identity help me learn who I am?
    Yes. This class gives us truths about who we are that we may or may not be conscious of. Then we unpack it in either a small group setting or in the binder material. It is there where you will learn the truth..
  2. 2
    What do you mean by truths?
    I believe that God is where we learn the truth of who we are. For some that makes sense for others maybe God is not present in your life. Either way we will use his truth as a foundation for our human growth.
  3. 3
    What if I don't believe in God? Should I still enroll?
    Try it! There are a lot of religions out there we like to quote and take advice from even if we aren't Hindu, Buddist, or the like. Maybe Christianity will have some good life skills in it even if you don't believe.
  4. 4
    Will I feel uncomfortable if I don't believe in God?
    I had a student one time who had a hard time the first class because they didn't believe in God. They kept at it and opened up about something big by the third class because they said they felt safe. You will find growth.
  5. 5
    Am I too far gone or too broken for help?
    Absolutely, not. No one is ever too far gone. Your story and life can be redeemed. It may not feel like it now but sometimes we've got to hit rock bottom to get lifted out of the slimy pit. This class has a place for you.
  6. 6
    What if I'm the parent and my high school student has no interest?
    Typically, 20% of my students are made by their parents to take the Identity class. It can be uncomfortable at first but every single one of them on the last day of class has said they were glad they did it.
  7. 7
    What qualifications do you have?
    I'm a fellow traveler. I went through my own journey of having to heal from the past. What I learned transformed my life. I decided to take that knowledge and bring it to you and to others.
  8. 8
    Are you attached to any kind of church?
    Yes. I lead this class at my home church in Kansas City. It's part of the Vineyard Movement. I also teach at other church locations to help spread spiritual health and redemption to other communities.