Dear Church...

by Stella Pigago

About The Author

Stella Pigago has been working and leading high school students and young adults since 2013. Her gifting initially started when she worked with adults helping them in a healing ministry that focused on past wounds and hurts. During one of the classes, she felt God calling her to lead young people in healing and to help them find their true identity in Him and has never looked back. Stella feels as if working with young people is like being on the front lines. She says, "we do battle every day and I want to be the first one in there to pull people out of the fire. Our job is so important and I feel honored to be doing eternal work." Stella teaches and preaches at youth services on Sunday nights at her home church in Kansas City, MO and travels around the country teaching workshops at conferences and speaking at various events.
We have work to do
We're losing the youth of the nation. The statistics are staggering. Church attendence is declining, midsized churches are dwindling, and one statistic I read recently said that by 2050 the percentage of the U.S. population attending church will be almost half of what it was in 1990. Half. So what do we do?

The thing I hear most often from people who are church going folk is they don't want to be one of "those Christians" who shove religion down people's throats. Good! Me neither! BUT then those same church going folk tend to shy away from talking to people at all about religion . The thing I had to come to realize is if I truly believe in The Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ then I have to leave the 99 and go after the 1. And you and I both know the 1 is not sitting in church. 

I created a course called Identity. It's a 10 week inner healing/life skills class for teenagers and young adults that has a Biblical Foundation. Students will learn God's character, His love for them, what The Bible has to say about how we live and why, as well as the struggles they face daily. Students are a lot more socially sophisticated these days and we need to have the answers for them. However, they still need help emotionally and that is where The Church comes in. I've seen students who have been healed from cutting, students who have a new sense of their worth and value, students who had body image issues that now have a new outlook on the truth of how God made them. I've seen freedom from lies spoken over them, family wounds healed, and friendships and relationships that have fallen apart that have now found redemption. 

Identity breakdown 

Identity Topics

Filling "the Void"
Inappropriate Authority and Curses
Self-Worth and Shame
Vows and Bitter Root Judgements
Belief Systems
Father Heart and The Blessing

I think we go after the 1 by teaching our students how to love the way Jesus does and how to live the healthy and joyful life God intended. So many of them have heard church sayings like, "did you pray?"... "you should lay that at the foot of the cross"... "did you talk to God about that?" Identity doesn't just ask those questions or make assumptions it gives a framework of HOW to do those things.

When we teach our students the truth they will start to invite the 1 to come to our ministries and to our churches. They are the ones who are on the front lines hearing the pain and suffering from friends, giving advice the best they know how, and encouraging change. It is my heart to arm them with the truth in a way that is practical and life giving. 

Working with youth and young adults is a great honor and priveledge. We get to do God's work here on Earth. My prayer and passion is that no more students take their life, that they know who they are in this world, and that the light they were given transforms the relationships around them. I would love to partner with you and your ministry. We're in this journey together!

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